19 Gift Ideas For Santa!

We’re getting up to Christmas. I know, I know, “shhhhhhhh” right? So, because we are headed that way, I had my boys (8 & 10) write their lists to Santa. They took a catalogue, and circled what they were going to put on their list. Then they initialed beside it, so they knew who wanted it. They’ve also decided to watch some YTV, just to see the commercials. Here are some ideas for Christmas, birthdays, or just because!

Just an FYI: I included some links, under the gift idea. As an Amazon Associate I earn commission, from qualifying purchases, BUT it’s no additional cost to you. It’ll go to my coffee fund, to help me get through being a #BoyMom.

Anyway, here is what they are hoping Santa will bring them! Don’t forget to comment any of your ideas, or share reviews of the boys’ wants. It might sway Santa’s decisions!

  • Dog-Man series, by Dav Pilkey. This was requested by my 8 year old.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, by Jeff Kinney. This was put on my 10 year old’s list.
  • Schleich T-Rex. It was circled by one of the boys, but no initials.
  • National Geographic Kits. Again this was circled by both boys. My 10 year old says he wants the shark tooth kit.
  • Fitbit Ace 2. This was circled by my 10 year old. He has been wanting a Fitbit for awhile & this one is kid friendly. He says it’s perfect!
  • Professor Maxwell’s Virtual Reality Exploration Kits. My 8 year old saw this, and came running to me about it.
  • Beyblade Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle Set. This was my 8 year old. He loves his Beyblades. He seems to ask for a new stadium every year.
  • Beyblade Burst Hypersphere Pack. These are the actual Beyblades to compete with the above stadium.
  • Treasure X Sunken Gold – Shark’s Treasure. This is a shark that has treasure you need to discover.
  • Treasure X Sunken Gold – Bottle, is an add on collectible. They smash the bottle to find the treasure!
  • Lego Creator Space Rover Explorer. Lego speaks for itself.
  • Lego City Passenger Airplane. Again, it’s Lego. Lego is always a good idea.
  • Lego City Ocean Exploration Submarine. And yes, Lego again.
  • Pokémon Battle Academy Board Game. Being Pokémon, I am not surprised that my 8 year old circled this one.
  • Pokémon Trading Cards. All packs. My 8 year old is happy with any pack.
  • Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man. My 10 year old circled this one, saying he needed to add it to our Monopoly collection.
  • Super Mario Jenga. According to my 10 year old, we need another Jenga set.
  • Let’s Go Pikachu! & Super Mario Odyssey. My 8 year old is saving up for a Nintendo Switch Lite, and is hoping Santa will help him with some Nintendo Switch games.
  • Nerf Elite. My 10 year old always asks for Nerf, so this was a given on his list.

So, here we have some gift ideas! Hope they might be of some help, this upcoming Christmas or for birthdays! I am sure Santa, is happy to have received their lists!

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  1. Omg I used to love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series! That is definitely a must-have haha; that and captain underpants! I feel like my bros will love this list, even now that they older lol xxx

    1. Yes! The boys love the show & movies, so I’m excited that they want the books now! And the ToysRUs and Mastermind Toys catalogues just showed up. We’ll see if I need a part two now! Lol!

  2. My child asks for the most expensive gifts from Santa because then you get them for free, right? I will never shatter a belief, so I have to comply. Extra shifts for me, but well worth the effort! A good list, I have my eyes on a few, already.

    1. How fast Christmas morning goes, the magic definitely makes it worth it!

  3. These are some great ideas! I love that the list is made up of actual children’s wish lists!

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