5 Super Quick Meals for a Busy Mama

I’ll start by saying, I’m not really going to include full recipes. This is totally a parenting hacks type post. You don’t have to follow the dinner hacks, though. Most of these are also real easy to do from scratch! So, a look through the list will still be helpful, and maybe provide some inspiration!

  • Chicken wraps. These are a huge hit in my house. They are easy in general. But you want the parenting hack? Buy pre-cooked chicken! We like to grab a rotisserie chicken, from the grocery store hot deli. The only other things needed are wraps and any toppings you want. Kids love to make their own too. You can also let everyone pick the type they want (caesar, ranch, bbq, no sauce), to lessen the dinner time fight.
  • Tacos. Again, so easy! And one of our weekly meals. Just grab a kit from the grocery store, brown the mean, pick your toppings, and let everyone make their own taco. You can never go wrong with tacos! Trust me, here!
  • Chicken and rice casserole. Ok, so this one sounds like it would take a lot of work. But Campbell’s has made it super easy, and this is one of my go-to meals. Especially, if I forgot to meal plan the night before. You can see the Campbell’s recipe here. I’m actually big on keeping a lot of Campbell’s soups in my cupboard. If you can’t think of something, chances are you can find a dish using Campbell’s soup.
  • Super simple spaghetti. Spaghetti can be complicated. Especially if you make your own sauce, want it to simmer all day, or make homemade meatballs. If I’m in a rush, I open a jar of sauce. Let it simmer, while I cook the meat, and boil the pasta. I don’t add much (if anything) to the sauce. If you want to do meatballs instead of just a meat sauce, and you don’t have time to make them, you could always grab frozen meatballs. Easy, peasy. And quick!
  • Pulled chicken sandwiches. This is another awesome use for the hot deli rotisserie chicken. I pull apart the chicken. Mix it with my favourite sauce, and let it simmer until sauce bubbles. Then serve the same way as I would, if it cooked all day. The kids love it, and if I’m on short on time, it makes it easy.

So, those are 5 dinners with hacks involved. All can be made scratch, if you don’t like the idea of store bought. But, when I’m busy, and short on time, I find these to be family pleasers in my house!

Share some of your dinner hacks, for when you’re busy!

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  1. Love these easy dinner ideas! We do a lot of these meals. Another pretty easy idea is to roast some veggies on a sheet pan and eat it with a rotisserie chicken. Roasted vegetables are always delicious! My kids like potatoes, butternut squash, and onions. (Okay, I like the onions, whatever )

  2. For a quick meal we always chose pasta at home. There are so many recipes so easy to make and quick to prepare, and my husband is the expert chef at home, and our daughter never refuses it.

    We use these ideas mainly for lunch to take at work, as little one is not very fond of them, but they are sure quick and easy to make.

    We never tried tacos though… but we shall put it on our list for the days of experimenting cooking, when we try foods we never had before.

  3. My go to easy meals for when I’m busy is any kind of casserole! My hubby likes them and my toddler loves anything with a little cheese on it and it’s super easy on me! I’ve never tried chicken wraps, but I’ll put it on my list to try!

  4. So easy dinner meals for all of us superbusy moms…

  5. Even though I’m working from home lately, I still don’t have the time to do much cooking like I’d like to. Love these ideas to keep it quick and easy, many of these are a hit with the family as well. Thanks for sharing!

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