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I know right now, we haven’t done much in the way of parenting posts. I think I have only even referenced my cubs, once or twice. BUT! I promise we will get there! With three cubs, I will have plenty to write about. As I was typing this, my middle cub FaceTimed me, to tell me his Dad found him a Baby Yoda stuffy at Walmart. This is what is keeping my youngest cub, busy while I write this.

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But, I digress… Right now, my journal, is full of posts about my journey towards mindfulness. My mind is focused on my journal, at the moment. I’m trying to open myself up. What better platform, than one I can share with the world?

So, as I explained in my post, Love Yourself, my first exposure to mindfulness was Jen Sincerio, and her book “You Are a Badass”. She talks about that the idea that being a high frequency person, and having high frequency energy, can lead to a happier and more positive life. But how do you break out of the “low vibration” funk, and move towards a more positive day to day?

For me, it is, being more conscious of my day to day. Thinking of the small ways, to become high frequency, without a massive overhaul. A massive overhaul just isn’t realistic for me & my family. We all know that a huge life change is not always the best way to go. What does being conscious of my day to day mean?

  1. To not let my epilepsy get me down. To own it. To not be embarassed by it. Put up a big middle finger to the stigma. This small change is not easy, and sometimes does feel like a massive change. But each day, I get closer to that. To embracing something life threw, at me, that I can’t change.
  2. Write in a gratitude journal everyday. I simply list 3 things that made me thankful for that day. Some days it comes down to just having coffee made for me. It may seem so insignificant, but it has allowed me to see the small things my hubby does, to show he cares. You really do realize how important the small things are.
  3. I try to handle negative situations without being negative. That can be as small as changing the words I use. Instead of doing “Oh well, nothing I can do”, go “How can I make it better?”. Just changing your mindset, and being more positive in your day to day, will not only change the way you are perceived, but how you feel.

I know it’s tough to do these small changes. Especially when life seems to be throwing negatives. Even if it takes you time, and you struggle, just attempting to get out of the low vibration funk, can be enough to put a smile on your face. I know this from living it.

What are some ways, you practice, to move towards a high frequency life? Share in the comments!

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