A Much Needed Vowel Check

Brene Brown, in her book “The Gifts of Imperfection”, writes about performing, what she calls, a vowel check. The idea is to help find the path, to whole hearted living. Simple right? As I am learning, that path is full of twists and turns. Embarrassment (like my son uploading a video, for the Learn@Home program, not wearing a shirt) and sometimes shame are big parts of shying away from the path. After reading of this, I have decided to do a vowel check on myself. It’s probably about time.

A = Have I been Abstinent:
Oh man, this is where the shame for today shows up! No, no I have not. My iPhone gave me, my daily usage report. Let’s just say it’s a lot higher than I ever could have imagined. I could make excuses like my youngest cub was cluster feeding, and I needed something to do. Or my middle cub was needing me to Google Translate his work. But, looking at the number, I’m like “damn, I missed out on what could have been a great walk”, or baked some yummy treats. Man, I need to put my phone down more.

E = Have I Exercised?
Ha! I’m lucky to break 3000 steps on my FitBit lately. Time to put my phone down, and go for at least a flipping walk. If not more. Might also help with the baby weight that has been sticking around.

I = What have I done for myself?
I struggle here. I’m a mom of 3. Homeschooling 2 of them, and caring for an infant. My days never seem to allow for me time. Pretty much, giving this blog a go, is what I’ve done for myself! And it is a good thing!

O = What have I done for Others?
As a mom, I live for doing things for others. But what have I genuinely done for someone else lately? I sent a few surprise gifts, to some ladies, for the heck of it. Just to brighten their day, and let them know I appreciate their friendships.

U = Am I holding on to Unexpressed emotions?
As a mom, or even a woman in general, I think we always are. We always have some sort of hidden emotion. Recently, it has been jealousy of my husband. I haven’t been in a store since March 13th, and I can’t drop my kids off, at my parents, for a break. He goes to work everyday. Albeit, it pays for me to be able to be stay at home mom. But, man, this was not the stay at home life I expected. And I am right annoyed with that. His daily never was truly changed. He goes to stores. He gets breaks. I am so jealous of that little alone time.

Y = Yeah! What is something good that’s happened?
My youngest cub, is starting to learn to crawl! As much as I want him to stay a newborn, I am excited for this next chapter.

It sucks examining yourself. You see shame everywhere. But reminding yourself of the good, and what you can improve on, definitely helps you to find the yellow brick road.

If you need to remind yourself, of the food, maybe try a vowel check in on yourself! Then you can search for the good out of each letter!

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