We are two Mama Bears, here to ramble about life, thankfulness, parenting, the hard times and the good times.

Steph Bear is the Mama to 3 cubs, all boys! She is focused on trying to live a mindful life, and finding a way to wholehearted living. She is also beginning to accept that there is no perfect Mama Bear, just one that does her best, and loves her cubs fiercely. She also has an unreal addiction to TLC.

EmBear is a Mama Bear to 3 cubs all under 4! She lives off caffeine, thinks waking up at 7:30am is sleeping in, and spends way too much money gifting other people, and being a very generous Mama Bear. She is a photographer, beachbody coach, and has a passion for writing.

Why did we start The Mama Bears? After connecting in a Mommy FB due date group, for our youngest cubs, we found we both loved writing. EmBear helped push Steph Bear to get back into writing, and sharing her mindfulness journey. Naturally, we decided to put our ramblings out there together!

If you want to see something, on The Mama Bears, be sure to let us know! If you want to contribute your ramblings, to The Mama Bears, please send us a message at talktous@themamabears.com.

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