The Mama Bears was built, with the idea, to bring together all Mama Bears. If you are here, we’re very excited to see you here!

How did The Mama Bears come to be? At the start, of the pandemic, I felt like needed a form of self-care. Like many others, I was adjusting to life at home with my cubs. Born was the idea of The Mama Bears!

So, why The Mama Bears instead of just one Mama Bear? I found that many loved sharing their recipes, thoughts, parenting tips! So, I reached out, to fellow Mama Bears, to join me on this journey. Their contributions, and collaborations, have definitely shaped this blog, as you see now!

As time goes on, I’m very excited to see how this community grows! You can also follow the journey on our social media!

Since The Mama Bears, is built around community, if you want to see something, be sure to let us know! If you want to contribute your story, parenting tips, ideas, or anything, please send us a message at

Now let’s learn about me!

I’m Mama Steph! I’m a Mama Bear to 3 cubs, all boys! I guess that officially makes me a #boymom?!

I am focused on trying to live a mindful life, and finding my way to wholehearted living. It is still a work in progress! I am beginning to accept that there is no perfect Mama Bear, just one that does her best, and loves her cubs fiercely.

I’m also willing to give many new things, a go, in the kitchen! I’m not a certified foodie, so know that I won’t hide my NailedIt moments, either! Oh! And to me everyday is a “but first, coffee” day!

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