An Imperfectly Perfect Mom

As a mom, we can be inundated with social media curated content. What do I mean by that? We might feel like we see more #momlife than #momproblems. We are seeing what social media is making us, intentionally or not, think is perfect. It can cause us to fall into a feeling of shame, embarrassment, and might even take our self confidence away. It can drain us financially, physically, and even mentally.

Over the last bit, I have fallen into this mindset. I think as I have become more active in social media, and listened to Clubhouse chats, the more I have let myself think there is always a right or wrong way. Motherhood included.

I know, for a fact, that mommy bloggers, mommy influencers, do not set out to do this. They do not set out to cause these feelings in us. But, it is so easy to forget, that these moms do not have a picture perfect life. Remember, all of us moms are imperfectly perfect. Influencers, and bloggers, included!

How am I pulling myself out of this mindset? How can you pull yourself out of this mindset?

Remember, social media posts, stories, reels, and videos are only a glimpse. They are only part of someone’s reality. Not their whole reality. That DIY sensory bin you saw posted? It was posted for inspiration, not to make you feel like you have to do it. Behind the scenes, that may have been the only sensory activity done that week. The laundry may have been set aside, to create and post that activity. Or the mom skipped a self care moment, to make rainbow rice. Or they had to save, for months, to get that most sought after Montessori toy, they featured on their story. Remember, all moms are imperfectly perfect.

What am I getting at? There is no need to feel shame, that your life doesn’t look like curated content. No one’s does. If you aim to keep up with the glimpses, you’ll continuously feel like you are failing. Trust me, I have felt like that.

Don’t stress if you don’t have every trendy wooden toy. Don’t stress if you don’t have time to create DIY sensory activities, or do outdoor play every day, or only send them with perfect bento boxes, or have a spotless house, or stay on top of laundry, and get “me time” in. That sounded exhausting, just typing it! Do what you need to do, to get through your #momlife. Don’t worry about the glimpses.

Say this with me… No one has the perfect child. Not even that Facebook Mom, leading you to believe otherwise. Trust me. 3 kids in, and I can guarantee you, that is only a glimpse. Don’t be embarrassed that your child threw a tantrum in the store, or dumped their whole bowl of spaghetti on the dog’s head. These moments happen to all of us. Even that Facebook Mom. So, take a deep breath, as you clean up the dog, and remember you are doing fantastic.

Lastly, always remember there is no perfect mom. There are only imperfectly perfect moms. Some with a spaghetti covered dog.

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  1. Thanks for this post! It’s very true that we moms put more pressure on ourselves than we need to because of what we feed ourselves through social media!

  2. Such a great reminder! Trying to play “Keeping up with the Jones'” aka “Keeping up with IG status quo” is impossible! You are doing an amazing job! We all need to remember that we are rocking it and stop comparing ourselves to unrealistic “realities”!

  3. I am feeling pretty imperfect today. I needed to hear this!

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