Confessions of a Homeschool Mom

I can imagine the perfect homeschooling mom prep morning.

I get up, pour my coffee already made and still warm, pray for patience for my day, do some quiet personal development while my kids sleep peacefully in their beds, get dressed, wake them up, eat breakfast, do some quick bible reading, get them dressed, and start the day.

But reality is far from it.

The baby woke me up crying to nurse.

My oldest was jumping on her bed with a new unsharpened pencil.

And my middle who’s in the thick of potty training woke up screaming “I have to poop bad!”

And I had only been awake 35 seconds.

Welcome to my homeschooling circus.

We read a lot of books.

Eat a lot of snacks.

Color a lot of pages (and ourselves, the walls, the floors, and random objects).

And we listen to a lot of Adventures In Odyssey

But that’s just us.

Happy first day of school.

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