Don’t Dwell on Toxic Moments!

We all know that the internet can be a tough place. It can affect your well-being, if you let it. I have noticed that this happens, a lot, in Facebook groups. While you can find amazing friends, sometimes you might feel that it can be cliquey, mean girl like, you feel left out, or that certain messages are directed towards only you. But, because of the friends you made, you don’t want leave. This can also happen in your daily life, outside the internet, too.

Here are some ways, to move on from those moments. I still have to remind myself of these ways. Hopefully, they help you too!

1) When you feel like someone was being a Regina George, instead of trying to get revenge, just take a deep breath. Then write down one thing you are thankful for. This could be in your your phone, on a sticky note, or in a journal. Take the focus away from that negative interaction. Dwell on your positives, not on the negatives.

2) Put your phone down, walk away from your computer, from your desk, or the break room. Take a coffee break. Go for a walk. Have a dance party with, or without, your kids. Anything to make you forget about that negative interaction.

3) Say “Bye Felicia”. Block the people making you feel bad about yourself. Leave the family group chat. Then only message those who don’t bring you down. If asked, just say the amount of texts was overwhelming. You don’t need to explain more, or you might open yourself up to more drama. As for work… If the toxic person is in meetings, skip it (if you aren’t required to be there). Or leave the water cooler chats. If possible, delegate a task, to a coworker, to avoid interactions. Get creative, to find a way, to say “bye Felicia”. When you do, you eliminate the toxic moments that are bringing you down.

4) Don’t give into the 3 way call mentality. You are just inviting toxicity into your life. Don’t be a Plastics back either, by having the dreaded 3 way call, with friends, family, or members of the internet group. Screenshots stick around. WhatsApp chats can be backed up. And don’t be a Plastics, by talking about your coworker. You never want it to get back to your boss. Then it looks negative on you. Not the other person. Don’t give them that power!

5) Don’t believe the Burn Book! It is easily taken out of context, you might be reading those messages with the wrong tone, and don’t know the full picture.

I know, some won’t get some of the references, if you haven’t seen Mean Girls. BUT what it basically comes down to, is don’t give those toxic people, and toxic moments, any power. Once you do, then you become an easy target. Once you stop letting the toxic moments affect your well being, you are closer to becoming a high frequency person, and bringing positivity into your life.

Lots of positive thoughts, on your journey towards mindfulness and wholehearted living!

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