Don’t Laugh – He’s Someone’s Baby

As posted before, on A Cranio Journey, I am a Mama Bear to a Cranio Warrior. During my time as a Cranio Mommy, a mean meme had been floating around of another cranio baby. A few years later, it’s still floating around. Then a new one showed up this past week. It was shared to our Cranio support group, asking all of us to report.

One back, posted to our support group, in April of 2019.
The most recent one, that got reported and taken down!

The group is full of Mama & Papa Bears. It got taken down, or perhaps deleted. Regardless, it was still a small victory. But not good enough. It needs to stop, altogether. So, I decided to share a Facebook status, I wrote 3 years ago. I’m so saddened, that this post, needs to be shared again. Please read below. Think of Jameson’s mom. Stand up for this Warrior!

The Cranio World has been trying to get September as the “acceptance” month for craniosynostosis. It’s not easy when no one has ever heard of it. Why is the term “acceptance” used among our support group? Because these cranio warriors are made fun of. It’s not seen as a legitimate condition, because to some it’s “cosmetic”. They don’t understand ICP, or the other effects that come with it. And, you know what, that’s so not cool. They have even made memes using cranio babies as the pictures.

My oldest, my Nate Bear, could have been a picture turned into a meme. Yes, looking at Nate now, you’d never know the journey we went through. And, it’s not as severe (or ongoing) as some. But, we lived it. We lived the endless appointments, the 8 hour surgery, the recovery… All before he turned one.

Please, if you see Jameson’s “meme”. Don’t share it. Don’t laugh or snicker. Report it. The cranio world has been struggling to stop this cruel meme from spreading. We talk about it all the time in our group, and it still isn’t working. Help us spread awareness. I won’t post a link to the meme, but Jameson’s story: Born a Hero – Jameson’s Journey

Learn and accept these wonderful kids. Hey, I’m crazy about one!

Lastly, I am appalled, but not surprised, by the cruelty in these memes. What if this was your baby? Or a loved one’s baby?

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