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Happy Friday everyone! Today we are featuring a Canadian Small business!

My name is Missy, and I am one half of Ten Little Toes Canada.

I co-own a handmade bow shop with my mom, Jane.

Both of us have a passion for crafting, and so when I had my first baby we wanted to make her so many things. First on my list: BOWS!

Tenlittletoes Canada is home of the crochet bow and all things adorable!Our business is based in Aldergrove, BC, but we ship throughout Canada!

We started out in 2017 making our standard bow, which is 2.5”, and since then our business has expanded to over 30 styles of bows, in more than 40 colours!

We offer our bows on headbands, hair elastics, hair clips; as well as bow ties and scrunchies.

As my daughter grows, so does Tenlittletoes.

She’s a princess, we make her a crown. She’s feeling fruity we make her a watermelon hair clip. It’s become a really fun journey for all of us. My daughter is 3.5 now and she loves to help with stretching our nylon headbands, messing up all our bow orders and making sure all our yarn is in knots.

She’s my why, and the reason we create all our bow designs. Once we opened up shop, and started creating bows for others it was a whole new level of joy. Seeing our bows on newborn babies, front and centre for first birthday parties and so many more memories is heart warming.

When people choose our little shop to order their bows from we still do a little happy dance. Never did we think we would be making bows for so many littles all across Canada! It’s been an unreal experience and I’m so grateful for all our supporters.

Thanks so much for reading our handmade shop story, and being a part of our journey too! Follow us on Facebook or on Instagram. We would love for you to stop by our page and say hello! Let us know you came from The Mama Bears and we would happily give you 10% off your order!

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  1. I love their products! They bring joy!

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