Let’s All Meet Mama K!

Hey guys! Starting next week, we will be having recipes shared by fellow Mama Bear Kim Eliason. Below is her introduction, and be sure to welcome the newest Mama Bear!

By Kim Eliason

Hey everyone!

I’m Kim, I am 35 years old and a mother to two year old Harper and seven month old Brandt. I live in the rural part of the Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. I am also a mother to 11 chickens and two dogs (and a flock of hangry hummingbirds, give or take 20 wild rabbits, 6 deer and the occasional bear)!

I am a multicultural mix of nationalities (according to my ancestry DNA results!) but a quarter of me is Italian and with that comes great cooking expectations!

I am mostly a self taught cook; I grew up with a mother who cooked 13 out of 14 days (we always went out on pay day!) but I didn’t help much. I don’t blame her because it’s easier to cook alone in my opinion!

Each week I am going to do an easy recipe to give everyone new ideas for dinner, snacks, etc. During this time of self isolation cooking at home gets a bit…boring for lack of a better word!

I have various fun recipes I have learnt during this time that are easy enough to accomplish with children running around! I also promise not to write a novel before each recipe! I’ll get straight down to it!

If you have any requests like “lets do beef this week!” or “I need to bring an appy to a party, help!” please feel free to contact me via my farm Instagram account! holiday.acres.farm

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