I Need a Vowel Check

So, if you have been with this blog from the start, you will have noticed that there has been a gap in posts. A lot has been going on, in my world, and has led to The Mama Bears being put on the back burner. As the founder, of The Mama Bears, this is not acceptable. And I actually feel disappointed in myself. So, I am feeling like a Brene Brown inspired, vowel check, is needed.

A = Have I been Abstinent? No, not really. Still on my phone way too much. I am constantly picking it up when Baby Bear is nursing, contact napping, or even when he is doing independent play. I need to put the phone down, and re-direct my free time into something creative. Into this blog. Not Candy Crush.

E = Have I Exercised? Nope. Not intentionally. I really need to, to help clear my head space. Again, I need to put my phone down and focus my energy on something else!

I = What have I done for myself? I have no way to answer that. I would say when I ran soccer try outs the other week. But sitting here thinking, I did that for the kids, hoping to play next summer. To help the other members of the club. If I didn’t, I felt that it might not run as smoothly. Once I sort out what I can do, for myself, I got to make sure I do it.

O = What have I done for Others? Well… I’m a Mama Bear to three cubs. I spend my days giving myself to them. I have done a lot, for my soccer club, as we try and finish off the Covid impacted 2020 season, and move to a hopefully, normal, 2021 season.

U = Am I holding on to Unexpressed Emotions? Honestly, yes. While this is going to be vague, here is an idea of what: Hurt, anger, and jealousy. You can apply those unexpressed emotions to friendship, family, and life. I got some work to do here.

Y = Yeah! What is something good that’s happened? Life has felt stale and stagnant. Probably a mix of everyday motherhood, and Covid. So, this has by far been the hardest one to answer. As of right now, I don’t have an answer, if I was to frame this in a selfish way. But, if I frame this, to think of the good things in general, there are some. My oldest cub’s ADHD medicine has been working, and we have seen so much improvement! My middle cub’s teacher saying she was looking forward to teaching him, and her overall positivity in this difficult Covid environment. My baby cub has been hitting all of his milestones. Some even early! So many small things, to celebrate.

This vowel check, has me going “and what am I going to do to fix this?”. This I need to reflect on, and continue to work on. And to not procrastinate, but to actually do!

I know, I know, this sounds like a downer of a vowel check. It’s not. It’s positive, as I have something to work on, to no longer feel stale. Which is a good thing, in the mindfulness journey!

If you have done a vowel check, as of lately, how has it benefitted you? Stay safe, stay positive, and smile! Even if it seems impossible!

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