Mama K’s Chicken Burrito Bowl

This is one of my family’s favorites, it can be cooked in either an instant pot or a slow cooker (crock pot). 

I opt for large cans in the recipe, and I only use half of a can, and dump the other half in a Ziplock freezer bag and freeze it so it’s ready for next time I make this!  


1 ¾ cup of chicken broth 

2 chicken breasts (this is enough to feed 3 adults) 

1 large can of corn niblets 

1 large can of black beans 

1 large can of diced tomatoes  

1 tbsp garlic powder 

1 tbsp onion powder 

1 tbsp cumin (or substitute for taco seasoning if you don’t have cumin) 

1 tsp of taco seasoning (for rice)  

1 avocado  

½ cup shredded cheese 

Salt and pepper 

Sour cream 


1 lime 

1 cup uncooked rice

In either an instant pot or a slow cooker add 1 ¾ cup of chicken broth, open cans of corn, black beans, and diced tomatoes. Drain all cans, and make sure to rinse black beans to get all the can sludge off. Use half of each can, and put other half in a Ziplock bag and freeze for next time. Add to pot.

Add garlic powder, onion powder, cumin (or taco seasoning, whatever you have on hand) and a dash of salt and pepper.  

Cut up chicken breasts into large chunks, and add to pot.  

Mix everything in pot together, so chicken is covered by liquid


For Instant pot put on lid and cook on high pressure for 25 minutes, then quick release.   

For slow cooker (crock pot) cook on low for 6-8 hours.  

Approx 15min before meal is ready start cooking rice.  Add 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water, cook on stove top or in rice cooker.  Add 1 tsp of taco seasoning while cooking. 

Cut up avocado and lime into slices. 

Now the chicken is done…take two forks and shred chicken.

Use an oversized soup bowl and add rice to bottom, then use a slotted spoon to scoop up chicken mixture (you don’t want the liquid in your bowl) and add on top of half the rice.   

Sprinkle cheese on top of chicken, add a heaping tbsp of salsa and sour cream, add avocado slices and garnish with lime wedge.  


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