Mindfulness for the Busy Mama!

Why do I feel it’s important for a Mama, especially us busy ones (read all of us Mamas), to fit mindfulness into our day?

To me, it’s because mindfulness helps to remove that overwhelmed, stressed, and negative feeling. When your mind is calm, it brings a calm feeling into your daily life. It opens you up to positive reactions, to what can feel like a negative situation. At least it does for me. Here are some ways, I fit mindfulness, into my busy Mama schedule.

  • Set the alarm 10 minutes early. This will allow you a chance to fit in some breathing exercises, and a quick meditation session. Also, make sure to avoid the snooze button! If you do, you’ll avoid that rushed feeling, that causes early morning stress. Trust me, it helps!
  • Positive affirmations while getting ready. Saying positive affirmations, can frame your day into a positive, and they can push the negative thoughts away. They can help give you that “can do attitude”. My favourites, for the start of my day, are “I’ve got this day. It’s mine”, “I am worthy”, and “you’re an amazing Mama”.
  • Bring some fun into your mundane tasks. This helps to push aside the negative vibes, and thoughts, and bring the positive ones in. It also helps to push that overwhelmed feeling aside, since you are having fun while doing the tasks. It can also make you feel more motivate, to get the task list done. Folding laundry or washing dishes? Turn the music on, and up, and have a dance party! Driving around, doing errands? Listen to a podcast, that will calm your mind. Or turn the music up, and sing along! You will be smiling, after rocking out, to your favourite music!\
  • Don’t forget the self care! Find the few minutes, and the ways that work for you, and give yourself some self care. Self Care for a Busy Mama is a great place to find some suggestions and ideas!
  • End your day with gratitude! Quickly write down three things that you are thankful for, that happened during the day. It will help you, and your day, end on a positive note. It doesn’t even have to be anything massive. Small wins, like the coffee shop having your favourite muffin, are enough!
  • End the same way you started. This means meditate, and do some breathing exercises while you lay in bed. It will help to calm your brain, and thoughts, and help you get a better night’s sleep.

I find, when I fit mindfulness techniques throughout my day, that it helps keep my mind clear, helps me stay positive, helps me not feel overwhelmed, and to feel less stressed. Hopefully, these can help another busy Mama, as much as they help me!

Let us know, in the comments, what ways you fit mindfulness into your day! If all of us busy Mamas, lift each other up, then we all win!

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