Mom’d Out

Last week, I was invited to join a local mom’s Facebook group. I made my generic introduction, where I mention I have epilepsy, a 9 year old son with dyslexia and ADHD, a soon to be 8 year old that has alopecia, and a 7 month old. And end it letting the group know I am here for any questions, or to vent.

Not long after, I received a message. This mom said she was struggling (before I continue, let’s give a huge shout out, to this mom, for being so open and honest), and asked how I manage with all that. She has a son that was just diagnosed with ADHD, and also a baby. I was speechless. I felt like I wasn’t managing at all.

So, I set aside any embarrassment, I had, at not having it together. I admitted to her, that I often feel very overwhelmed. And there are days I am “touched out”, exhausted, and some days just “mom’d” out. Some days, I didn’t know where to find the energy to give all of me. The days I was feeling that way, it was more screen time, saying “yeah, go grab whatever from the snack drawer”. I followed up, by letting her know that was ok to do!

What is “mom’d out“, you ask? For me, it’s that feeling when life feels tough, you don’t want to be pawed at, or climbed on. You are just begging for sleep. And you just need a break from the daily mom struggles. You want to watch your shows, not another episode of Paw Patrol.

And you know what? I strongly feel, all Mama Bears, go through this. Not just ones handed some bumps, in the road. I think it applies to every parent reading this. Even if you don’t want to admit it. And, for you all, it is ok to be mom’d out! It is ok to be on autopilot some days. It is ok to need quiet. Just because you feel mom’d out, it doesn’t mean you are failing. It means you are a mom doing your best, and giving your all to the kiddos that need you. You are kicking some serious butt!

Shortly after I wrote this, I saw a meme from @theywhinesoiwine2. It seemed so fitting to end this post with.

Remember these words, and that you rock Mama!

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  1. Great post! And so relatable as lots of moms feel this way from time to time but can feel guilty to admit it. As mama bears, it’s so important to support each other so we can feel safe to talk about when we are feeling “mom’d out”.

  2. Absolutely. I wrote a post like describing the mom guilt I feel on these days. I cherish the time I get to spend with my son, considering I was supposed to go back to work already but COVID. But there are some days I spend waiting for the next nap! Thanks for being so real & reminding us that it is okay to feel like this & we won’t ruin our children! Ha.

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