Mompreneur Time! Something Pretty By Dani

At The Mama Bears, we love Mompreneurs! They are creative, strong, amazing multitaskers, and just awesome! Today, we’re featuring Something Pretty By Dani.

I’m Dani and I started my little side hustle, Something Pretty by Dani, about 7 years ago. I love to make things and was running out of space in my tiny apartment for all of my hobbies (sewing, crochet, felting, wood burning, jewellery making, etc). I decided to focus on jewellery because it’s small, and I could still do a variety of different things.

I make and vend locally in my spare time, though lately that hasn’t been often. Now that my baby is getting a bit bigger (10 months already!), I’m trying to carve out me time again. It’s been a big adjustment, especially since I’m also teaching from home! But I find creating so much fun that it’s worth the constant juggle.

I’m currently trying out a few different things and have peg dolls spread out across my kitchen table and embroidery all over my craft room (now that we have a house). I love being able to make things for my little girl so that’s been driving my interests lately!

If you’re interested in seeing more, and connecting stop by IG Something Pretty by Dani!

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