Simple Ways to Incorporate Montessori at Home

Montessori teaching, learning, and parenting has been around for a very long time, in thanks to Dr. Maria Montessori. It has proven to be an extremely encouraging event for children to learn and grow in.

But, I also know, that lately, the newest parenting trend seems to be making your house a Montessori home. It’s all you hear, and read, about in Facebook mommy groups. Which isn’t a negative, since there are so many positives!

However, in reading all those “you must have a Pikler Triangle, or you’re not a good mom” type posts, I also noticed a lot of “I wish I could afford that” or “I wish I had the time” responses. The discussions seemed to bring others down. Which is exactly the opposite, of any support group.

So, I’m here to tell you, there are some ways to incorporate, Montessori principles, at home. They are easy and cheap! Some you might even be doing already! Bringing a Montessori approach, into your house, is doable without owning a Pikler Triangle or rainbow stacking blocks.

  • Everything has a spot. This is actually one of the key principles of Montessori. Chances are, you are already doing this. Do shirts, pants, underwear and socks have their own spot in the dresser? And does your child know where they can find them? Boom. You got yourself a Montessori principle in the child’s bedroom! In the toy room, do books go on one shelf and the toys in the bin? Boom. You have a Montessori principle in the toy room! If not and you want to incorporate this Montessori principle, in your home, then this one very easy way to start. You probably won’t need to spend much (if any!) to do this.
  • Make things easily accessible for the kids. This can be snacks, toys, colouring stuff, books, clothes, and anything the child uses. Now, this just isn’t beneficial for the child, but it can help you, a busy mom. You won’t need to stop what you’re doing to grab snacks or toys. They can grab them for themselves! This also helps teach the independence principle that is key to Montessori learning. Win all around!
  • Have your child help out around the house! Find little things, that are age appropriate, to do. Like fold clothes, help match socks, put away their toys at night, help with dinner. They don’t need to be monstrous tasks. But, by getting your child to help, it can help development wise (like gross & fine motor development, depending on the task). From the Montessori prospective, this isn’t treated like traditional chores. Also, materialistic rewards don’t go along with it. So, no “allowance”. It should be tasks, that fulfill them through a sense of pride and accomplishment. Also, ones that they can have fun doing. It can also help lessen your load, and stress. Which is good for the whole family!
  • Independent play! As I said above, teaching independence is a key principle to Montessori learning. Independent play can also help with self-discovery, problem solving, and conflict resolution (if more than one child is playing together). Keep an eye on your little one, and just let them explore (safely of course). Don’t forget to drink your coffee warm, while they play independently!

Now, I am by no means a Montessori expert. I totally have toys with flashing lights. My boys only make their beds, when I remember to tell them. We have never played the matching sock game. And you will often find me being a referee, instead of drinking a nice hot coffee. But, just thought I’d share some tips I’ve discovered! These are easy, cheap, and hopefully don’t make you feel overwhelmed!

If you have incorporated Montessori principles, into your day to day, what tips would you provide to those starting?

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  1. As a Montessori trained teacher and educator of 20 years, I can agree that these are good initial steps on how to begin incorporating Montessori into your home. It’s all about following the child and their individual needs.

    1. Thank you Anitra! Your site has offered me so much information towards Montessori learning! It really is a great way to learn at home. It’s amazing to think these simple steps, around the house, can offer so much to our kids!

  2. I never realized how much my natural parenting style is Montessori.

    1. I was surprised, too! Especially the independent play. Our toy room definitely shows that one! Lol!

  3. I am trying to incorporate more Montessori into my life with my kids so I loved reading this.

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