Stay Positive! 9 Ways to Bring Positivity into Your Life

It may seem like I ramble on about positivity, and how key it is to mindfulness, and how I work on my wholehearted journey. I’m about to ramble again, but turning the focus around to you, the reader of this.



The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.

Definition from Oxford Dictionary

So, we have the dictionary definition. But, what is my definition? My definition is that by working to be positive, I attract and find the positive in my life. Some of the below are my ways of staying positive. I think they could also help you, on your wholehearted journey.

  • Frame a negative into a positive. This is key for me. It’s always in the back of my mind. “Yes, this situation sucks. But what good can I find in it?” And usually, by changing the narrative, I don’t see as much of the negative outcome. I focus on the positive outcome. Here is a random example. Hubby and I were watching a re-run of Ink Master. It was a team challenge. Two of the members did not get along. Instead of working together, they wanted to knock the other person down. They also complained the whole time, about how awful it was to work together. They ended up failing the challenge. I strongly believe, if they had framed it more positive (“they are talented, I should take advantage of this opportunity”), it would have led to more success.
  • Go in with an open mind. I find this really helps, with tough situations. I’ll use the Ink Master reference again. If those competitors, had gone in without any preconceived notions, it would have led to a much more enjoyable, and successful, challenge.
  • Let go of the negative past. If you continue to hold on to all the negative you have experienced, in the past, can you really be open to being a positive person? Or will you continue to let it bring you down? Will you remain to only see the negatives, because of that past? Letting go of the past, can be done in a multitude of ways. Journaling, writing a letter you never send, mediation, confronting the source, or talking to someone to work through it.
  • Believe in yourself. Don’t set yourself up for failure. If you go in with negative thoughts, and an “I can’t succeed” attitude, chances are you will let the negative of “I can’t” to bring you down. Instead go in with “whatever the outcome, I did my best”. Where this was most apparent, in my 36 years, was the contrast between my labour and deliveries. With my oldest, I really wanted an intervention free birth. However, my mind was filled with a negative “I can’t do this” mindset. So, when told it was now or never, I gave into having an epidural I personally never wanted. I didn’t believe in myself. My middle and my youngest, I reminded myself of my original goal. I kept reminding myself, how strong I was, how I could do it. And I did. I went it with positive thoughts, and came out with the outcome I wanted.
  • Be thankful! Even it’s one small thing, like a hot coffee. Record it somewhere. If you hold up the everyday moments, as moments to be thankful for, you will definitely begin to feel more positive towards life.
  • Positive Affirmations. Find positive affirmations to include in your daily life. I like “I got this day. It is mine to own. I can do it”. Some days are not the best days. But I have still feel like I am succeeding, because I tried to own the day.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. This one is often the first thing you hear, about becoming a positive person. Don’t just roll your eyes! It can definitely help! The optimism, and positive outlook, wears off on you. You begin to learn by example. The less toxicity in your life, the more open you are to the positive side of life.
  • Ask for help if your negative thoughts are weighing you down. Sometimes it can be really tough, finding positives. You can’t find things to be thankful for. You feel the dread of each day. Remember those positive people, you are surrounding yourself with? Talk to them. Let them know the bad outweighs the good. Ask them to help you find the good again. Ask them to help you find what you are thankful for. If you aren’t comfortable with this, reach out to a professional. You don’t need to dread your daily life! I certainly don’t want that for you!
  • Start your own journey. I’m sure you’re sitting there going “so easy for you to say”. But, you don’t have to do it all at once. Find one thing, to work on first. It doesn’t matter which one. Or how. I started by learning about mindfulness, and being wholehearted, through books, watching YouTube videos, and reading blogs. I did that until I had an understanding of what I needed to do. Find your path, and what you need to do. Then you can begin to bring the positive to you.

Being a positive person, doesn’t mean that only positive things will happen to you. What it means, to me, is that it can help you tackle, and overcome the negatives. If this has helped in anyway, then I am so excited! For those, already on the wholehearted journey, what other ways have you started to become more positive?

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  1. I’ve always been a positive person. I thought I know-it-all when it comes to positivity that I learned a lot from this post. We learn something new every day 🙂 Thank your for sharing such a valuable content

    1. I always find more little things, too! It’s definitely a journey, and one that is lifelong! Thank you for reading and your support! 🙂 Much appreciated!

  2. […] I know, some won’t get some of the references, if you haven’t seen Mean Girls. BUT what it basically comes down to, is don’t give those toxic people, and toxic moments, any power. Once you do, then you become an easy target. Once you stop letting the toxic moments affect your well being, you are closer to becoming a high frequency person, and bringing positivity into your life. […]

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