Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something, that seemed fun or you knew was beneficial, because you felt unsure of people’s reactions? And you never took that leap? That has been me, so many times. Always a bit hesitant to put myself out there.

I decided to work on growing the social media side of The Mama Bears. I want to show that parents are in this together. After doing research, and listening in on Clubhouse chats, it was apparent that if I wanted to do that, I had to put me out there. Particularly through Instagram Reels.

Wait, to let other Mama Bears know, that they are not alone, I have to post videos of myself? No, that can’t be right. There is no way! I have 3 Cubs, and my husband works night shift. I don’t have time to do my hair and makeup! So, I started by posting videos of my Cubs, and sharing others’ reels. That should be enough, I thought.

Then, I listened to more Clubhouse chats. I realized that the real me, was what I needed to put out there. That was how other moms, would know that I was in their court. So, I sat on this information for bit.

I decided it was time. 5 days ago, I started posting reels of myself! Without makeup, and with my messy bun. I even started a TikTok!

Yes, I took the plunge, and it was scary as heck. But, as I sit typing this, it actually felt empowering to do it! Next up, for me? Getting the courage to get my silly side out! This might not be today, or even tomorrow, but I am going to keep telling myself, “I got this. Even if the trolls show up”.

If you ever are scared, to do something, I highly suggest stepping outside your comfort zone! Take that beginners’ dance class! Start a blog! Get up and sing at karaoke! Trust me, you’ll be so happy you did!

So, let’s all say “screw it!” to the little voice inside our head. Let’s be vulnerable. We all totally got this. Let’s experience the self confidence, and laughs, that can come from stepping outside of our comfort zone! It’ll be so worth it, once you do!

If you want to see the reels you can, by going to our IG! It’s @themamabears.

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