The Easiest Grilled Cheese Ever!

No, there is no iron involved! But this method is definitely an extremely easy, and time efficient, way to make a grilled cheese! When you go “lunch time already?”. Say goodbye, to those basic PB&J sandwiches. Put this grilled cheese in your arsenal!

Step 1: Put bread in the toaster.

I use plain white bread, but it works with any type of bread, you can toast.

Step 2: Put cheese on the toast.

I cut up cheese, but cheese slices make this even easier!

Step 3: Put in the microwave, until cheese melts. Approximately 30 seconds.

My kids like their grilled cheese nice & gooey!

Step 4: Serve.

Not only is this easy and quick. It also means a lot less dishes! This by no means, replaces a true, pan fried, grilled cheese. When my kids were toddlers, this was the go to, on those busy days!

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