The Mess of Motherhood

The other day a friend of mine posted a picture online. It was her almost 3 year old standing in her living room with the room a disaster of toys everywhere.

She talked about her little guy is potty training. Her other just started walking.

She would be in one place in her house and each boy would be in another dumping out the toy boxes she had just filled.

But what filled my mind was the hashtag she used.



Normalize messy motherhood.

We’ve all been there. Especially those of us with older and mobile children (I have 3 of them now).

You think you’ve got it all organized and together and then it happens:

Finally caught up on laundry and the baby throws up.

Scrubbed the kitchen so someone just had to spill something.

Cleaned the living room and the toddler dumps out the toys.

And everyone has their opinion of HOW to keep your house clean.

Get up earlier and clean.

Stay up late and clean.

Don’t let kids have toys in the living room/kitchen/hallway/bathroom/etc.

Get rid of all toys.

The list def goes on.

Everyone has an opinion.

And nobody thinks you’re doing enough.

Especially other mothers.

That’s something I wasn’t aware of when I became a mom. Everyone will judge your house. You could have every room in your house spotless… but if there’s something in the fuzzy background of a picture — they’ll jump on it.

And attack you and what you’re worth in the process.

Is it fair? No.

But does it happen.


The toys will be dumped out.

There will be dirt on the floor.

Does that change how much you love your babies and kids?

Absolutely not.

I’m not condoning the mess – but the mess does happen.

During the day especially.

And especially once you have babies/kids who can crawl, walk, run, and legit just be a toddler tornado.

Motherhood is messy.

Feel like you have it all together? Wait a few days.

Motherhood will knock you on your butt.

We aren’t perfect and we need to stop hiding the mess because we are scared of what someone will think.

We need to normalize the messy life motherhood brings.

Embrace it!

Because the mess we clean up, how long it takes us to clean up…doesn’t make us any less of a mom.

It defines us.

And the house will be clean soon.

I mean, they’ll be in college soon… right?

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