This is Life Now

Late the other night after hubby went to bed, I was cleaning up the hallway that led towards the bedrooms and past the bathroom.

Toys, books, clothes, and what looked like half eaten construction paper, littered the floor haphazardly.

I was tired.

I was complaining to God.

I was cranky.

But I couldn’t just leave it because it would most definitely all be there next week if I didn’t take the moment.


This is my life now.

It’s my life as a mama of 3 kids — 4 and under.

A beautiful oldest preschool age daughter who likes pink and frilly everything and wearing mama’s makeup.

And 2 boys under 3.

One who loves to jump off things, eats way too many cookies, and tests every rule I set — but he also gives the best cuddles you could ask for.

And the baby – well he’s not much of a baby anymore. He was born in November and already standing, sitting, crawling, and trying to walk along the furniture.

And trying to eat everything he can find.

But the cutest little smile and eyes full of discovering wonder.

This is my life now.

Cleaning up after them.

Kissing scraped knees.

Some days being their arms, legs, emotional constant

Their unconditional love.

Yes, it’s exhausting.

It’s a lot of work.

But at the end of the day…

This is my life now.

And it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

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