To the Mama Going Back to Work

Hey Mama, heard you’re going back to work. And to you, your baby is just that, still a baby.

You can’t imagine leaving that little ball of energy, you’ve spent the last months, putting every moment into. No matter if it’s been 6 weeks or 18 months. That feeling is still there.

Remember the days that babe was safe inside you? Where you could take them wherever you were?

That little one… was connected to you while you carried them in your body. While you lacked sleep, up every few hours, begged them to nap…

I know you miss those days.

You cuddle that baby close with your heart hurting. You kiss that head. You smell that head.

The “what if’s” hitting you from all angles. What if he cries all the time?What if she refuses to eat while I’m gone?What if everyone judges me for leaving my baby in the care of someone else?

It’ll be okay, Mama.

If you’ve made the decision, to go back to work, it wasn’t taken lightly. Most likely it’s a necessity. Of course baby will be fine… but you, with your big mama heart, probably won’t be okay for a few days.

So, don’t fret. It’s natural to feel this way. But remember, your baby will be okay. And she knows you’ll be back at the end of the day. Because you’re his Mama. You’re her Mama. You’re their world. Going back to work, cannot change that.

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