To the Mamas Who Just Want a Minute

Dear Mama,

I hear you taking a deep breath.

You’ve only been awake for the day a few hours but you’re already in need of a breather.

You were up a few times with the baby and now the baby is up and you have to be to.

No sleeping in because you’re needed.

The things you took advantage of before for yourself have now become a novelty.

Oh mama, I get it. You just want to go pee by yourself.

Maybe not even just by yourself but without someone crying at the door.

Crying from somewhere.

Or even if they aren’t, you feel you have to hurry because it’s your baby.

Oh mama, I see you crying because you’re tired. Crying because your mama heart is heavy.

Crying because you just want to watch something that isn’t peppa pig or Dora the Explorer.

Crying because you finally figured out something that works for you and then someone said something.

And guilt set it.

Maybe I’m not the best mama for them, you think. Maybe someone else would do a better job and not fail this bad.

Ahh failure.

Do other mama’s feel like failures?

How do they handle it?

Oh mama, I know you just need a minute. And it isn’t too much to ask.

But just remember to take that minute to pull yourself up.

To fill YOUR cup.

Cuddle that baby during naptime if that gives you a minute.

Kiss the baby for 60 seconds.

Drink that coffee.

Order that amazon.

Read that book.

Lay down for 60 seconds after you make the bed.

Take that minute.

Because we all just need a minute.

Take that minute.

And breathe.


A mama who just took a breath

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