To The Young Mom

Being a young mom can be hard, people will make assumptions, and judgements, about you for having a child young. Pregnancy used to be exciting, heart warming news, but in this day people get less excited and more pessimistic.

It can be a lonely journey when you become a mom at a young age. You lose your friends who continue drinking, and partying, when you’re unable to party along with them. It can be hard to find people your age that can relate to your parenting struggles. Family, friends, and even strangers will make assumptions about you, based solely off of becoming a mom at a young age. They’ll think you can’t afford to care for a child, that you’re ruining your life, you’ll never go back to school, you’ll never make anything out of yourself. It gets exhausting hearing all the negativity, it becomes unbearable and frustrating. As hard as it all gets, remember it’s also an incredible blessing and journey you get to experience.

Here is a gentle reminder that they’re wrong. They don’t know you, nor your life. All they know is you became a parent at a young age, and are using that one piece of information to tear you apart. They don’t know your goals and accomplishments, all the plans you have set for your future.

Those people who say having a baby young will ruin your life, somehow forget that you have decades ahead of yourself to live out the life that you dream of. There’s still plenty of time to go back to school, to discover and build yourself a career, to save up and buy that house or car. Don’t forget that you still have the rest of your life to carry out all your desires. Not everything has to happen now, it’s okay to take your time. And while the journey can be lonely, with the loss of old friends, you’ll discover new ones and grow close with the ones that stayed with you through it all. The friends that do stick around, show you who your true friends are. Your friends may be on different life paths than you, but they’ll be there, not only for you but also your growing family.

So to the young mom reading this, you are doing an incredible job. Don’t let the negative remarks get to you, because every day you prove them wrong. Having a child didn’t ruin your life, it created a whole new one. All of the amazing things you’ll accomplish in life, you’ll do so with your wonderful tiny human(s) by your side.

The negativity can get overwhelming at times, but remind yourself of all the positive things that have come out of becoming a young mom.

Mama Clara

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