Trust Me, You’re Doing Great

It feels tough being a parent, to three cubs, some days. They all need individual attention. Especially when it has come to this whole Learn@Home. I have one that has ADHD & dyslexia (grade 4), one that is in French Immersion (grade 2), and one that is an infant! There was no way I could do it, I told myself. I had set myself up to more stress teaching than I did enjoying it. I put myself into a negative narrative.

Then this happened. Middle Cub was asked to put together, something creative, explaining the life cycle of a butterfly. In French, of course. I must have had a look of horror, when I Google Translated his assignments for the week. He went “I got this Mama”. And, guess what? He did. He decided on a puppet show. He asked me and his brother, to help. He made all the props himself, and only asked me to translate (aka Google Translate) a couple words.

So, here we are, doing a puppet show for Middle Cub’s assignment. We had laughs and made memories. You can watch and see me attempting to hide, behind the table. Middle Cub did an awesome job, and reminded me I did not fail him. Ignore the napkins on the table. We must have had McDonald’s, and I grabbed the extra to clean up spilled coffee.

Then the negative narrative changed. The “no way I can do this” turned into “we are able to do this”. And I can thank a 7 year old, for that. He reminded me I did not fail.

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So, my point with all this. Know that you are not failing your child. No matter how much Learn@Home you were able to complete with them. This has been a tough time for all of us. You might have been panicking, and feeling you were not able to be able to teach them anything. You did though. You showed them how to be tough in the face of adversity. You taught them more than you think, just through them watching you try. Mama, you are doing the best with the hand you’ve been dealt. That is what matters.

So, stand up tall. You did great, regardless of how much math actually you were able to get done. Don’t be so hard on yourself. And remember, summer is now here! Make the most of it, even if it’s spent social distancing, and indoors. The laughs, and happy memories, outweigh the downside side of all of this. Oh, and you are not failing at any of this.

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