Writing, Writing…

Hi everyone!

I’ve been kinda MIA lately while dealing with well problems… and then going on vacay — and my own special project!

**Disclaimer: Not the final cover**


It’s called Once Upon a Christmas Cynic and will release in December!

I cannot wait for you guys to meet Dinah and Peter!

What’s it about?

20-something Dinah writes her own “letter” to Santa while helping her niece write her own. Santa isn’t real, she just sends it to the post office for them to answer, right?


She ends up receiving the random gifts she asks for making her realize… maybe there’s something to this while joy and good people in the world.

Peter came home for the first time in 5 years with 1 goal: get over his old fiancé who married his brother. But in the meantime, he realizes just how much he’s fallen in like with his ex fiancé’s best friend. Or has he?

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